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Jennifer Meister, Attorney

“I have had the honor of appearing before Judge Wesley Tibbals in various capacities over the past few years as both a parent advocate in family law matters and while serving as a guardian ad litem.  Judge Tibbals has consistently remained thoughtful in his rulings, always keeping the best outcome for the children and parents front of mind.  He is consistently fair and always impartial.  In addition to caring very deeply for those appearing in his court, he is particularly skilled in navigating and ruling on complex legal issues. It is my distinct pleasure to appear in his court and to offer my sincere recommendation and strong support for his re-election.”


The Women's Law Group

The Women's Law Group supports the re-election of Judge Wesley Tibbals for Circuit Court Judge. Judge Tibbals is hard-working, fair, conscientious, smart, and knows the law. Not only is he a great judge, but he volunteers his personal time out of the courtroom as well.  He attends local meetings with family law attorneys to discuss relevant issues, he is very involved with the local family law network and committees, and he guest lectures at local colleges, speaking to students who are interested in the law. He is truly an invaluable asset to the family law Court and to the Tampa community as a whole.

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Scott Davis, Attorney

“During the past seven (7) years, I have had countless trials and other hearings before Judge Tibbals, and he is fair, courteous to the litigants, and perhaps most importantly, follow the law. I was completely shocked to learn that Judge Tibbals has opposition. He is an excellent judge and there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that he should be removed from the bench.”


Christina Burroughs, Attorney

"I had the privilege of interning for Judge Tibbals my first year of law school. He was instrumental in teaching me courtroom procedure and client advocacy. He has been a tremendous mentor to me and others, always taking the time to give advice and help young lawyers in and out of the courtroom. When my fellow first year associates and I passed the bar, he swore us in as attorneys and made sure the day was special for each of us!"


Shamika Askew, Attorney

“I’ve been practicing family law for six years in Hillsborough County. I’ve had an opportunity to observe Judge Tibbals inside and outside of the courtroom. He is knowledgeable, professional, and impartial. Each time I appeared before him, he was always prepared and I never felt that he gave me unfair treatment because I was a black woman. Now, he’s become one of my mentors and I look forward to seeing him continue his career on the bench!”

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